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May 25, 2011 / Thinknology

Technology Expectations in the Adult Ed Classroom

In many professions, there is an assumption and expectation that people that work in these professions will and do make use of technologies. Examples include a wide range of professions such as medicine, auto repair, and travel agents. Is there the same assumption and expectation for teachers and, if so,  does it vary depending on the levels taught?

For example, the expectation for teachers in K-12 and colleges and universities is probably not the same as teachers in adult education.  Of course, there are several factors contributing to this, not the least of which is the availability of the latest technology, software, and applications. In fact, the adult education field may not have reached the point where it is expected that adult educators have the skills to use technology as part of the core learning that goes  on in their classrooms.

However, we are rapidly approaching the point–if we haven’t already reached it–where the presence of technology in everyday life will lead to this level of expectation. Adult educators should be expected to use technology if the instruction delivered through it aligns with their core teaching practices. The key here is integrating carefully developed instruction into technology in a way that meets the needs of the adult student. Then it will become part of accepted teaching practice instead of an add-on.

We are cognizant of these factors as we  build Think60. The marriage of content and technology brings the program into alignment with best practices in teaching adults reading and critical thinking skills. It is not technology for the sake of technology; it’s using technology to deliver quality instruction.


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