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February 10, 2012 / Thinknology

Think60: Cool and Unusual Content

Last week, I attended the Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education (TALAE) Conference in San Antonio. The conference was an ideal setting for interacting with and soliciting feedback from adult educators about Think60, our new online reading program for adult learners. We encourage feedback on all aspects of the program from content to navigation to instructional design. This way we keep our product, especially the topics of the reading lessons, fresh and timely.

“Cool and Unusual Content” is more than just a tag line; it is a new and exciting way to build a product. It describes how we at Think60 approach lesson development, and no one has the finger on the pulse of the adult learner more than the teacher or program director. From educators, we are able to find out today’s topics  that interest their students. More importantly, educators can provide insight into the topics that they believe are relevant to their students’ daily lives. These include reading passages related to workplace, financial, and health literacy, not to mention an exciting adventure story or romance.

Since Think60 is not constrained by the structure of a book, we can add lessons continually to the already extensive Lesson Library. Why is this important? Because students are no longer saddled with reading passages written for kids or articles that were written 20 years ago.

By spending several days at the TALAE conference  talking to teachers and program directors, I gained a better understanding of the students whom adult educators serve in Texas. This will be translated into new reading lessons that will certainly resonate with the adult learners everywhere.

A special thanks to Mary Helen Martinez, Olga M. Escamilla, and their entire staff for running a fabulous conference and making us feel welcome as a first-time exhibitor. See you next year in Austin!

We are looking forward to attending more conferences throughout the spring and meeting adult educators. You can find a list of conferences Think60 will be attending on our website. We hope to meet you.


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