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February 24, 2015 / Thinknology

Invest in the Adult Literacy Education Program (ALE) at $10 million: Sign the Petition

Please sign the petition for the NY state legislature to add $3.7 million for the ALE program – for a total funding of $10 million. The deadline for signing is February 28, 2015.

You will be supporting organizations such as Literacy New York (LNY). LNY provides training and technical assistance to a diverse network of volunteer-based literacy organizations.

LNY is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking adult literacy leaders in New York. This is demonstrated by their decision to expand their proven “Intake to Outcomes” tutor training methodology by delivering it online and making it available to all of their network’s affiliates, free of charge.

Nothing like this has ever been done before!

To develop a proprietary learning management system that delivers training for tutors online, LNY collaborated with Think60. The LNY tutor training that is delivered in a face-to-face environment was carefully edited and adapted by Think60 for online learning. The web-based curriculum can be continually improved, expanded, and updated since it is not bound by the constraints of traditional tutor training.

The goal of the “Intake to Outcomes” online training is to ensure that all tutors are receiving the same training across the network. This will improve the instruction adult learners receive, thus enhancing learning and help the tutors and affiliates comply with LNY’s rigorous academic standards. The management tools in the system allow LNY to monitor the training across the network and to supply assistance, as needed.

The collaboration combined Think60’s experience in developing instructional materials delivered through technology with LNY’s in-depth knowledge and long history in providing training and assistance to their affiliate network and the adult learners they serve.

Please ask the NY state legislature to support this and other critical Adult Literacy programs.

Mark Moscowitz, Owner Think60

Mark has 40 years of experience in education and educational publishing developing instructional materials for students at all grade and ability levels.


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